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Move to Costa Rica Panama.

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Getting a Panamanian Background Check

This is my second time getting a background check in Panama (a background check by Panama for use in other countries), so I figured I would write it down as I had already forgotten the steps! My residency in Costa Rica expired early this year, and when I went to renew it, I was told that one of the needed documents would be a background check as I had been

Avocados and Corona Virus

I remember all the times we were in Boquete, or passing by another area, and we would see avocados falling from the trees. I watched our tree intently, while the day where they sprouted in our yard never arrived.

Waiting out the Coronavirus

There’s not a lot else to talk about. I had a call with my half-brother the other day, and he asked me what we’ve been up to, and the answer is really “nothing”. Gaby and Alejandro are still home from school (although Gaby starts virtual university classes Monday), Luis is without a job and there’s not much point looking right now, and I am still working.

Coronavirus in David

Monday was the first reported case of Coronovirus here. By Tuesday, they were reporting the first death and 7 more people infected. The last information I have is that the current count of confirmed cases is 32.

Summer is here

I feel like it’s pretty safe to say that we are now in full blown summer. I can’t remember the last time it rained (well I can, but not the last time before that!), and it is very, very hot here during the days.

Learning Japanese

So, seemingly randomly, I have started taking a Japanese class at the Universidad Tecnol√≥gica de Panam√°. I have been looking for a Spanish class for a while, but after a year, still haven’t found anything.

Viveros and flowers

I like plants. A lot. I have not had a lot of luck, however, finding a great selection of plants here. That was, of course, one of my dreams of moving to Latin America – a big garden full of exotic flowers and growing my own fruits and vegetables. So far, none of my vegetables won’t grow in David, my fruit trees don’t produce anything, and I can’t find a


After months of running around trying to get everything organized, last week we made the trip to immigration with our lawyer to officially file for residency here in Panama. I had forgotten (or not being told about) multiple things – a notarized copy of my son’s passport as well, a second cheque for him, copies of everything pertaining to our corporation. A big one was that even though my RCMP

Medical Certificate at Mae Lewis

One of the last items on my checklist for residency (which I still haven’t applied for yet!) was a medical check. I wasn’t sure at first where to go, but after scoffing at the idea of paying for the checkup, Luis suggested Mae Lewis. We called to ask if they offered this service, and if we’d need an appointment. They said no, just head to the laboratory to have your

Opening a bank account at Banco General

Despite all the horror stories I had heard, and all the hoops I had prepared to jump through, I have a Panamanian bank account!