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Avocados and Corona Virus

I remember all the times we were in Boquete, or passing by another area, and we would see avocados falling from the trees. I watched our tree intently, while the day where they sprouted in our yard never arrived. I remember the exact moment, looking at the tree in my neighbour’s yard, I saw small avocados sprouting, and lamented to Luis that I thought our day would never come.

At that exact moment, more or less, I looked up, and noticed dozens of tiny avocados peeking through the upper leaves of our own tree. And since then, it’s been a waiting game. We’ve seen tiny avocados fall to the grown and gathered them up. We’ve pulled avocados we were sure were huge from the tree, only to find them hard. We’ve tasted our avocados and they were always bitter.

Well, the days where giant avocados are being found on the ground, or picked from our very own tree, have arrived. We have waited until they were perfect, and they were really, really good. Our neighbour has also been bringing us a few from his own tree (although I am not sure why we keep accepting them, we will have too many avocados soon). We’ve started gifting them to people. For me, the whole dream of moving to Central America always involved images of plucking fruits from trees (as well as having chickens and a dog and a huge garden), and I was beginning to think none of that would ever materialize, and yet here we are.

At this point, I feel like we are also fairly accustomed to our new lifestyle. I haven’t left the house in literally a month, and I don’t really have any urge to. We have a schedule of going to buy groceries once weekly, cleaning everything when Luis arrives, and otherwise day to day life for me at least is very similar. Although I definitely get out of my pijamas much less often than before.

Since the restaurants have opened up again, we’ve ordered a few times. Today we tried ordering some groceries online from Super99, and it was a bit hit or miss, but it’s nice to know if we need some things urgently there’s still a way.

We’ll keep seeing what happens. I’m hoping they’ll start selling alcohol again soon (oh dear sangria, how I miss thee). I’m honestly a little worried about when the world goes back to normal, because I’m fine to ride this out as long as necessary, and I know not everyone else shares my sentiment. When the world starts opening up, people are going to want to go out, and going to need to. When the university opens up, it won’t be like Gaby has a choice to just stay home. So, I’m a little worried about that happening too quickly…but I guess I can’t do anything but wait and see.

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