Get divorced.

Have a baby.

Move to Costa Rica Panama.

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Water Pressure and Water Tanks

Long story short: We don’t have any and we need one.

Home ownership

Right on the 60 day mark we met with the vendors in the notary in Chiriqui and bought our house! It was a long process with a lot of unknowns, but we are finally on the other side. I think one of the things we were most concerned about was getting the money here through wire transfers. Everyone’s bank had made it seem like there might be verification steps, and

Buying a house in David, Panama

The conventional wisdom I seem to read everywhere is “don’t buy a house”. There are a myriad of reasons – one of the ones I see cited most often is difficulty selling (and it is true, I have seen some houses on the market for years in Costa Rica). Another suggestion is not to buy without living in the area where you’re considering purchasing for a year – which also,