Get divorced.

Have a baby.

Move to Costa Rica Panama.

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After months of running around trying to get everything organized, last week we made the trip to immigration with our lawyer to officially file for residency here in Panama. I had forgotten (or not being told about) multiple things – a notarized copy of my son’s passport as well, a second cheque for him, copies of everything pertaining to our corporation. A big one was that even though my RCMP

Medical Certificate at Mae Lewis

One of the last items on my checklist for residency (which I still haven’t applied for yet!) was a medical check. I wasn’t sure at first where to go, but after scoffing at the idea of paying for the checkup, Luis suggested Mae Lewis. We called to ask if they offered this service, and if we’d need an appointment. They said no, just head to the laboratory to have your

Opening a bank account at Banco General

Despite all the horror stories I had heard, and all the hoops I had prepared to jump through, I have a Panamanian bank account!

Picking up my fingerprints for residency

The other day was a bit of an adventure downtown. We went to pick up my fingerprints for my residency application, as well as to eat in a vegetarian restaurant I had seen on Instagram, and to obtain information about opening an account in the Banco General.