Get divorced.

Have a baby.

Move to Costa Rica Panama.

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Whale watching + Isla Gamez + Isla Parida

I remember going whale watching once before in my life when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old and I was on a business trip with my mom in California. My memories of it are nothing spectacular, and it’s been something I have wanted to do more than anything since moving to Central America. The first time around, I was pregnant, and they wouldn’t bring pregnant women on the

Crossing the border from Panama to Costa Rica

We just got back a week ago from a two week trip to San Jose.

Long weekend trip to Panama City

Luis’s Venezuelan visa is basically out of free pages, and can only be replaced at the embassy in Panama City. Given I had never been outside of Chiriqui, I thought that it might be a fun idea to accompany him and stay overnight in a hotel.