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Medical Certificate at Mae Lewis

One of the last items on my checklist for residency (which I still haven’t applied for yet!) was a medical check. I wasn’t sure at first where to go, but after scoffing at the idea of paying for the checkup, Luis suggested Mae Lewis.

We called to ask if they offered this service, and if we’d need an appointment. They said no, just head to the laboratory to have your blood drawn and they’ll know what to do. So this past Tuesday I headed over in a taxi and inquired at the front desk, where I was told the same thing. I walked to the laboratory, and they told me I’d need a medical order for them to know what tests to do. A short sojourn back to the front desk, and I found myself waiting in the emergency waiting room.

I didn’t have to wait very long before a doctor emerged and handed me two orders – one for a blood draw, and the other for a chest xray. I saw a number of people waiting in Xray, so I went to have my blood drawn first. It was pretty nondescript, and they saw me and had me out of there within 10 minutes.

Radiology was pretty much the same. Wait 5 minutes, have a chest xray taken, and within another 5 minutes I was back in the ER waiting room. That ended up taking a little bit, but within maybe an hour and a half of first arriving, I was handed my certificate of good health. I asked what the blood draw was for, because I saw they were only testing one thing. Apparently they only test for syphilis at Mae Lewis? Whatever. I got to make a bunch of “I don’t have syphilis!” jokes after.

At the end of the day, I paid $49 for the ER consult, the xray, and the syphilis test. Luis’s reaction was “$50?!”, but I was pretty pleased. It probably saved me countless hours of missed work, and I definitely did not mind the not waiting all day either.

There’s not much more to say about that! It ended up being pretty quick, and fairly straight forward. Another box ticked, and I am hoping to file my application this week or the next!

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