Get divorced.

Have a baby.

Move to Costa Rica Panama.

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Water Pressure and Water Tanks

Long story short: We don’t have any and we need one.

Home ownership

Right on the 60 day mark we met with the vendors in the notary in Chiriqui and bought our house! It was a long process with a lot of unknowns, but we are finally on the other side. I think one of the things we were most concerned about was getting the money here through wire transfers. Everyone’s bank had made it seem like there might be verification steps, and

Time ticks on…!

I realized I have not written in a few weeks, and I keep racking my brain trying to come up with a subject. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot going on! We’re really in the throws of winter now, and I find myself wishing I had a dryer more days than not. There’s a house at the end of our street that has a tiny lake in the front yard every

Whale watching + Isla Gamez + Isla Parida

I remember going whale watching once before in my life when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old and I was on a business trip with my mom in California. My memories of it are nothing spectacular, and it’s been something I have wanted to do more than anything since moving to Central America. The first time around, I was pregnant, and they wouldn’t bring pregnant women on the

Buying a house in David, Panama

The conventional wisdom I seem to read everywhere is “don’t buy a house”. There are a myriad of reasons – one of the ones I see cited most often is difficulty selling (and it is true, I have seen some houses on the market for years in Costa Rica). Another suggestion is not to buy without living in the area where you’re considering purchasing for a year – which also,

Emergency room visit at Mae Lewis

The thing with living with a baby, and not living like a hermit, is when someone gets sick, eventually everyone gets sick. I believe this is fairly common knowledge, but it always surprises me.

Crossing the border from Panama to Costa Rica

We just got back a week ago from a two week trip to San Jose.

Long weekend trip to Panama City

Luis’s Venezuelan visa is basically out of free pages, and can only be replaced at the embassy in Panama City. Given I had never been outside of Chiriqui, I thought that it might be a fun idea to accompany him and stay overnight in a hotel.

Picking up my fingerprints for residency

The other day was a bit of an adventure downtown. We went to pick up my fingerprints for my residency application, as well as to eat in a vegetarian restaurant I had seen on Instagram, and to obtain information about opening an account in the Banco General.

Ants in the garden

So, gardening in Panama presents unique challenges.