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Summer is here

I feel like it’s pretty safe to say that we are now in full blown summer. I can’t remember the last time it rained (well I can, but not the last time before that!), and it is very, very hot here during the days.

Slowly I have watched our monthly energy bill climb with usage, and long gone are the periodic ‘wow, we never need AC in the new house it’s so cool!’ outbursts. At night, we have started sleeping with the AC on instead of just using the fan. In the living room, fans are running during the afternoon. The other day we lost power for a number of hours, and at night I was freaking out about what we were going to do with a baby and the heat.

Luckily, that was my first time having to worry about that. Where we used to live, the power would go off fairly regularly, as well as the internet going out. Where we are now, closer to downtown, it hasn’t proven to be as big of an issue. However, I am conscious while saying that of the fact that we were recently without water for three days, and that the other day the power went out for about an hour. When it finally came back, I thought we were in the clear, until it went out again an hour or so later, and didn’t come back for another five hours. Some other expats let me know that we can contact Naturgy via twitter, and although they didn’t respond, when we called them to alert them of the outage they assured us they were working on it.

Otherwise life has been very slow. I have been so swamped with work, and there is so much to do in the house due to the dust, and plants forever falling over outside. The heat makes me lazy and sleepy, and I never want to do anything in the day. The breeze I love, but it brings with it the aforementioned messes and problems! And while I might complain about the creeping energy bills (the last one was $50 some odd dollars, although since we’ve moved recently I have been warned it might not be accurate), the reality is we’re paying much less here than in our previous house. That house was like an oven, and we had numerous months where we’d exceed $90 bills, and I’d say things like ‘we’re not a BTS-3 family!’.

As much as I have always said I love the heat, times like this make me pine for Costa Rica, and for the first time in my life stare longingly at photos of snow on Facebook.

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