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Viveros and flowers

I like plants. A lot. I have not had a lot of luck, however, finding a great selection of plants here. That was, of course, one of my dreams of moving to Latin America – a big garden full of exotic flowers and growing my own fruits and vegetables. So far, none of my vegetables won’t grow in David, my fruit trees don’t produce anything, and I can’t find a flower to save my life.

It seems like in Boquete, or at least at elevations a little bit higher than David, you can grow a lot of stuff. Every time we go to Cerro Punta as well I marvel at all the greens, and all the vegetables growing on the hillsides. As we stroll through town, we pass beautiful garden after beautiful garden filled with so many different varieties of flowers. We have been to a few viveros but they never have a good selection of flowering plants. However, the last time we went to Cerro Punto we stopped at a vivero along the way that had enough variety to get me excited.

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Vivero Itza Mary.

We stopped in here – at Vivero Itza Mary on the road to Volcan. The place was huge, and they had a wide variety of both flowering and nonflowering plants. I believe they also had pine trees for sale in the part all the way at the back.

We spent a good amount of time (or at least I did!), walking up and down the aisles. I hadn’t been in a vivero with so many options in a long time – since leaving Costa Rica. We ended up loading up with two Dahlias, another flower that looks like a lily, a flower with flowers that are half hot pink and half white, as well as two gardenias. They also sell earth there that has been the best we’ve found so far, and we were kicking ourselves for not having bought more.

All the flowers!

I am super excited to hopefully be able to go back soon and hopefully pick up another rose. Unfortunately we lost a Dahlia already, and the other one is not looking so hot :(.

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