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Water Pressure and Water Tanks

Long story short: We don’t have any and we need one.

When we were first looking at our house, we noticed the water pressure was awful. Don’t worry, they said, the water main is not fully open. Of course, this turned out to not be the case when a plumber came out to verify. I was pretty put off by this, but when we came back one evening, the pressure seemed okay. That being said, I only verified in the sinks, and never in the shower.

After taking possession, the water pressure has been awful. There are literal trickles of water in the showers. I had thought because we live in San Pablo Nuevo which is far from downtown, that if the pressure here is good, then the pressure closer to downtown must be better. That is not the case. I have spoken to other people and they have told me the water pressure in David is awful, and you need a water tank. Because where we currently live is in a residential development, the development has its own tank – and voila, water pressure.

Tank and Pump Prices

When we first noticed the issue with the pressure, we had the inspector who inspected our house give us a quote for a tank. He had said it would be around $1200. We have been looking at tanks for weeks now, and received quotes of around $315 for a 2500 litre tank from both La Casa del Tanque and Bombasa. Water pumps have been a bit all over the place. Some come with a pressure tank, or you can buy the two apart. We haven’t been very successful at finding many different tank sizes though; when they are sold apart we’ve only seen 24 litres and 100 litres. We’re more interested in something inbetween – but so far have only found a 60 litre tank sold with a pump at Cochez.

So I thought, ok – that’s only around $700. That’s not as bad as the initial estimate. Wrong. I don’t know why in my mind it was you get a tank, you connect some tube, you build a little base – done! We had contractors come out yesterday to give us an estimate – and of course it will be a whole process. Either we will need a very long system of tubing to arrive next to the shed at the back of our lot, or we will need to break things and connect it to the pipes in the house. Knowing the age of the house, who knows what will happen with the old pipes once they have pressure for the first time.

Everything is a Disaster

I think everyone says this with home ownership regardless of location, but everything is a headache. So far everything has been more complicated, or in a worse state than I had thought. We’ve spent almost two weeks now trying to paint the house, and the other day we finally finished in the living room. When Luis went to touch something up, of course he ended up peeling off more paint. I am really dreading getting this quote back. Oh yeah, there is also the whole we have to move this week thing, and I don’t see how this is going to be a trivial one day job anymore.

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